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Kew Gardens Strawberry Fayre Pack Of 6 Premium Placemats

Code: 5187351


These placemats feature the fresh and fruity Strawberry Fayre design, capturing the essence of rural elegance and classic English nostalgia. Illustrations bursting with lush greens and rich reds are delicately woven across these mats. The decoration is reminiscent of traditional English summers and indulging on ripe strawberries on warm summer days. These mats feature a luxury lacquered surface finish, making them smooth and silky to touch, easy to wipe clean, stain resistant, and able to withstand temperatures up to 120 degrees. A lacquered edge finish adds durability and prevents moisture damage to the design. A 5mm thickness and high quality cork back makes these mats slip resistant and the ideal choice for those who want the best quality.


Item Dimensions: 22.8x30x0.5CM

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