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Creative Tops Postcard Pack Of 4 Large Premium Placemats

Code: 5169662


This beautiful set of large placemats features the charming Postcard design. The eclectic Postcard collection features exquisite butterfly illustrations, stamp prints and intricate watermarked designs. With a delicate colour palette of turquoise, lilac and soft golds.These placemats feature a luxury finish making them smooth and silky to touch, scratch and scuff resistant, easy to wipe clean, and able to withstand temperatures up to 120 degrees. A lacquered edge increases durability and prevents moisture damage to the beautiful surface design. A 5mm thickness and high quality cork back makes these mats slip resistant and the perfect choice for those looking for the best quality.Set of 4.Dimensions: 400 x 290mm


Item Dimensions: 29x40x0.5CM

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