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Sabatier Maison Set Of 4 Measuring Spoons

Code: 5200602


Providing the professional kitchen experience for the home, these measuring spoons are beautiful quality tools for the kitchen. Expertly crafted in electroplated stainless steel with a beautiful brass finish, these measuring spoons are designed for those who treat their kitchen as a serious work area.The electroplated nature of the spoons gives a durable brass finish which won’t chip away with use. With their measurements etched into the inside of the design, these spoons measure ¼ cup (60ml), 1/3 cup (80ml), ½ cup (125 ml), and 1 cup (250ml). For delicious meals prepared and served with care and attention Sabatier offers excellent quality, durable products that foodies can be proud of in their kitchen.


Item Dimensions: 8.3x8.3x8.5CM

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