Nonsense Alphabet

Victoria And Albert Nonsense Alphabet Squat Can Mug X

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A collection to add some fun and absurd poetry to the mug cupboard, An Alphabet by Edward Lear from V&A styles rhymes, sketches and a medley of colour, with a bit of nonsense thrown in for fun! Representing the letter ‘X’, a bottle of liquor labelled XX is sketched on one side of the mug, illustrating the stanza from Edward Lear’s ‘Nonsense Alphabet’ for ‘X’ that can be found scrawled on the reverse. A capital and small ‘X’ finishes the pattern in in varying fonts of classic black. This Edward Lear mug is crafted in ceramic in a large, squat-can shape and styled in clean white with an amber, block-colour handle, making an ultra-modern canvas for this nostalgic design. Capacity: 430ml/15.1fl oz.


Item Dimensions: 13.5x10x8CM

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