Sabatier Maison Edgekeeper All Purpose Scissors

Code: 5225908


Providing the professional kitchen experience for the home, these all-purpose scissors from Sabatier are a beautiful quality product featuring a unique sharpening sheath. The blades are crafted in high carbon stainless steel and will maintain their excellent sharpness with Sabatier’s patented Edgekeeper sheath. This innovative technology sharpens blades with a simple smooth motion, so these scissors can provide optimal performance and excellent results each time. Ergonomically-shaped handles ensure a comfortable grip, while after use the scissors can be safely stored away in a drawer with the protective sheath. Styled in matte black with the prestigious Sabatier Griffin logo, these strong and expertly crafted scissors are a tool to be proud of in the home.


Item Dimensions: 13x9x1CM

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