Roald Dahl Matilda Phizz-Whizzing Set Of 2 Tea Towels

Code: 5234106


The marvellous story of Matilda and her school adventures filled with magic and captivating books has been styled with a hint of luxury on this set of tea towels from Roald Dahl. Designed to dazzle with every use, these tea towels are perfect for pottering around the kitchen and are styled with a hint of luxury. The towels feature two varying black, white and gold designs with the original storybook illustrations: one tea towel has a repeat pattern of Matilda’s beloved books, while the other shows a scene of Matilda reading to her class laced with gold embroidery to give a luxurious and refined feel. Made of 100% cotton, this tea towel set is an excellent quality choice and makes a lovely gift.


Item Dimensions: 70x20.5x0.02CM

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