Roald Dahl Matilda Bruce Bogtrotter Extra Large Cake Tin

Code: 5226300


This cake tin is a marvellous piece for bakers and cake lovers from our Matilda collection by Roald Dahl. This extremely large tin captures the captivating story of Matilda and her adventures with original storybook illustrations on a pastel green background. Perfect for protecting enormous cakes or hiding lots of muffins or cupcakes, the lid shows the iconic scene of Bruce Bogtrotter tackling a giant chocolate cake in front of his schoolmates, framed with the words ‘Eat! Eat! Eat!’. Around the base of the tin, Matilda and her friends celebrate and throw their schoolbooks in the air for a colourful design that will add the spellbinding fun of Matilda to storing delicious baked treats.


Dishwasher and Microwave Safe


Item Dimensions: 14x25x14CM

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