James and the Giant Peach

Roald Dahl James And The Giant Peach Hydration Bottle

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An adventurous piece for children’s drinks on the go, this hydration bottle is from the James and the Giant Peach collection by Roald Dahl. This fantastic plastic bottle will make staying hydrated fun for the little ones, capturing the fun-filled voyage of James and his magical flying peach. The lid and base is a lovely sky blue with a peachy orange straw, while the clear bottle has an original storybook illustration of the giant peach growing on a tree to its incredible size. A handy piece for lunch times and days out, the base screws off and can be used as a cup or small snack pot. The screw-lid has a fold-away mouth piece and a handle for easy carrying or hooking on to backpacks and bags. Capacity: 500ml/19.7fl oz.


Item Dimensions: 6.4x8x21CM

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