La Cafetiere Edited Premium Double Walled Glass Drip Filter

Code: 5200449


Ideal for coffee enthusiasts, this expert coffee set will provide delicious and flavourful drip filter coffee with ease. Simply add coffee grounds to the filter, place over the glass carafe and pour over boiling water. The water will drip down in a slow process that will make every sip of coffee rich with complex flavours. A double walled glass design means the carafe will be a comfortable temperature to the touch with a spout for easy serving. The fine mesh stainless steel filter ensures no filter paper is needed for this process.Ideal for use with the La Cafetière gooseneck pouring kettle for precise brewing with the pour-over method. Capacity: 520ml.


Dishwasher Safe


Item Dimensions: 24.5x13x24.5CM

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Got ours from Lakeland. It's properly brilliant but I've managed to break the carafe. Disaster! How do I get a spare so my hubby can drink coffee with no dregs left in his cup?

Posted by M-A Kendrick (17th September 2017)

Overall Rating: 5/5

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