La Cafetiere Edited 3 Cup Pisa Cafetiere Fun Metal Grey

Code: 5233006


This striking Pisa cafetière brings the finest coffee experience into the home. One of the most popular La Cafetière models, this cafetière has been styled in a dark metallic as part of this premium coffee collection. With a luxurious gun metal finish and sleek brushed sheen, the Edited Gun Metal Pisa will add an industrial edge to coffee. The unique Pisa cafetière is an exclusive model that is excellent in design, ease of use and performance. Crafted in stainless steel with heat resistant borosilicate glass and a PVD coating which means the Gun Metal colour cannot scratch or peel off unlike traditional paints and lacquers. An E-Cloth is included with each product to keep the product polished and looking exceptional. A 3 cup/350ml/12.3fl oz capacity is ideal for sharing a coffee over breakfast or lunch.


Item Dimensions: 15x15x17CM

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