Built 17oz Bottle With Neoprene Tote Navy

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The Built Glass Bottle with Neoprene Tote is the perfect accessory for the busy cosmopolitan lifestyle, being both stylish and wonderfully functional. Perfect for all kinds of cold drinks such as infused water, ice tea and smoothies, this set features a borosilicate glass water bottle with a large screw top lid. The bottle tote with handle is perfect for commuters and convenient drinking on the go. Made from neoprene - the same material used for wetsuits – this tote will insulate cold drinks and is machine washable. A stylish navy design makes this a contemporary piece that you’ll love to take with you for extra convenience. A great versatile piece that is useful for work, shopping and travel. Materials: exterior - 100% polyester; interior - 100% polyester; core – 100% neoprene.Tote dimensions: 10.5 x 29.2 x 5.5cm.Bottle dimensions: 7 x 22 x 7cm.Designed in NYC. BUILT believes that great design makes everyday life better. But for design to be great, it has to be different. And that requires thinking differently. There's no better place to do this than New York City. It challenges you to be original, and is also the epicentre of a matchless creative community. That’s why BUILT calls New York home. Designs are based on simplicity, a passion for materials, and a desire to make life easier when on the go. In BUILT, you'll find a collection of industrious, stylish, and protective goods inspired by the city that never sleeps.


Item Dimensions: 7x7x24.1CM

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