The Katie Alice Floral Story


The Katie Alice Floral Story

There’s no doubt that florals are a central motif for the designs from British designer Katie Alice: Katie carefully chooses the style of the flowers and the colours to communicate each collection’s unique story. On the creative process, she tells us, ‘I tend to create my florals using vintage artworks I discover at antique stores or fairs. I restyle the design and play around with the colours, tapping into current trends and creating something to complement modern homes.’

We sat down with Katie for a cup of tea to learn more about her floral stories.


Vintage Indigo – Blue roses

 Vintage Indigo Swatch 1 Vintage Indigo Swatch 2 Vintage Indigo Swatch 3

On the Vintage Indigo floral, Katie says: ‘The rose is my favourite flower with its classic beauty and the memories I have of it blooming in our garden throughout my childhood.’ Katie chose to style these florals in unusual blue, giving the traditional blue and white porcelain design a modern refresh with this chic motif. In many cultures the blue rose symbolises mystery and a longing to attain the impossible. Some also believe that a blue rose will grant your deepest wishes, lending an air of mystery and rarity to the Vintage Indigo collection.


English Garden – Summer garden flowers

 English Garden Swatch 1 English Garden Swatch 2 English Garden Swatch 3

The English Garden florals are those that grow around us in the peak of summer, when the days are long and the air is warm. You can easily imagine these colourful, sprawling flowers bathed in sunshine. Katie notes large yellow daisies, snapdragons, delphiniums and pink dahlias as some of her inspirations for this design. She says, ‘The florals in English Garden are those you look forward to seeing all year and that we – as a nation – love to sit amongst when we can finally lie out on the grass in the sunshine!’


Cottage Flower – Dog-roses

Cottage Flower Swatch 1 Cottage Flower Swatch 2 Cottage Flower Swatch 3

Evoking a quaint English cottage with a little blooming garden, the vintage Cottage Flower design uses a wild dog-rose floral. On this petite flower, Katie comments that, ‘you might find it tucked away in the hedgerows when spring is in full blossom’. This scrambling wild rose is sweetly scented and abundant in English gardens and woodlands. The Cottage Flower roses are softly tinted with muted colours - featuring powdered pink petals and pastel green foliage – as part of the shabby chic, 1930s style of the collection.