Visit the most marvellous places: new James and the Giant Peach homeware


Visit the most marvellous places: new James and the Giant Peach homeware

We are excited to add a magical new story to our Roald Dahl homeware collection: James and the Giant Peach was Roald Dahl's first classic novel for children and stands out as a story of escaping to a world of devoted friends and daring adventures.

Our new James and the Giant Peach products depict the epic journey of James with his charming insect friends and their flying fruit home. With sky blue and peach colours, each product is patterned with storybook illustrations and quotes including, ‘We are now about to visit the most marvellous places’ and ‘It seems that almost everyone around here is loved’.

Storybook scenes vary across three different styles of mug, a travel mug and a lap tray. One style of mug has silver detail and is presented in a luxury hat box, while another is a stylish footed design with colourful characters inside the mug. The travel mug reads ‘Terrifico! Magnifico! Splendifico!’ and is double-walled with the Roald Dahl logo embossed on its lid for drinks on the go, while the lap tray is an ideal work surface for writing or crafts, as well as for breakfast in bed.

Capture this heart-warming story with every mug of tea, coffee on the go or as a gift for nostalgic family and friends, children or teachers.

A vibrant collection that is aimed at children and adults alike, these new products feature Quentin Blake’s iconic storybook illustrations paired with Roald Dahl’s spirited quotes from these beloved books. Popping with colour, the designs create a vivid and distinctive collection that perfectly captures the imagination and wit that makes these stories a national treasure as well as globally adored.

The world’s number one storyteller, a Roald Dahl book is sold globally every 2.5 seconds. His stories are available in 59 languages and worldwide sales are a conservative estimate of 250 million books and rising. A charitable brand that helps those in need, 10% of all Roald Dahl income goes straight to their charity partners to support vital work with children, nurses and families.

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