Showstopper Summer Fruit Salad


Showstopper Summer Fruit Salad

When the weather is beautiful and guests come round to gather in the garden, make this perfect summer fruit salad that is bursting with flavours and colours as a show-stopping centre piece for any garden party spread.


In our summer salad we used:






Dragon fruit


Pomegranate seeds


Top Tips!

  1. Select an assortment of fruits that vary in their sizes, shapes, and colours to give maximum effect to your super fruit salad.
  2. Wash your fruits before you begin to ensure freshness!
  3. Simply slice, chop and quarter your fruits to mix up their appearances: we halved a papaya and some strawberries (as well as hulling them), quartered a grapefruit, and sliced up some lemon, kiwi and dragon fruit, while leaving some grapes whole. We also used a star-shaped cookie cutter on our dragon fruit to add an extra-special touch.
  4. Select a large bowl like our glamourous Festival Folk salad bowl by Katie Alice with colourful Scandinavian-inspired folk patterns. This bowl is made with natural pressed bamboo, making it lightweight and durable for taking and using outside in the sunshine. Start by adding the bigger fruits first to the bowl and spread them out, then add smaller fruits in between, finishing with a sprinkle of pomegranate seeds.

 View the Festival Folk collection here.