Prestat: The Chocolate That Inspired Roald Dahl


Prestat: The Chocolate That Inspired Roald Dahl

In our fantastic Roald Dahl Day competition you have the chance to win an exciting Chocolate Factory Experience and a luxury chocolate-filled hamper, courtesy of the chocolate company Prestat!

Founded in 1902, Prestat is one of London’s oldest chocolatiers and is said to have inspired Roald Dahl’s Charlie & The Chocolate Factory. Roald Dahl was a notable Prestat customer and the chocolate truffles are known to have been his absolute favourite.

Today Prestat chocolates can be found in prominent establishments such as Harrods, Liberty, John Lewis and Waitrose, as well as other global retailers.

In addition to being stocked on prestigious shelves, the Prestat brand holds a Royal Warrant from the Queen. Each year Prestat sends a hand-made Easter egg to the Queen and one can only assume it is eagerly received: one year when the company almost forgot to send it to Her Majesty, they received a call from the palace enquiring about its whereabouts. The situation was rectified and the egg sent to Her Majesty immediately!

Even with the prestige Prestat can boast, it still maintains the eccentric spirit of creativity and imagination that Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is so beloved for. With its beautiful blue, pink and gold packaging and exciting chocolate choices like red velvet or London Gin truffles, it is easy to see the affinity between these two chocolate connoisseurs.

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