New from La Cafetière: good things in smaller packages


New from La Cafetière: good things in smaller packages

For 2016 La Cafetière have launched some fabulous additions in smaller sizes and a range of beautiful colours. Responding to popular demand, the Monaco is now also available in a downscaled size with an expanded range of cups and saucers to complement the style of this cafetière. For tea lovers, the Barcelona is perfect for serving a small amount of tea that is just right for one person.


Monaco Cafetière 

La Cafetiere Monaco Cafetiere's 

Now available in a smaller 3-cup size, the luxuriously modern Monaco cafetière combines traditional techniques with a sleek model. Beautifully crafted in a gorgeous coloured frame with an enamel effect, this coffee maker has glass windows so you can see when your coffee is blended to perfection. The Monaco’s traditional French Press method of brewing is designed to help slow down modern everyday life, letting coffee lovers take the time out to enjoy a re-energising cup of coffee.


Espresso Cups and Saucers 

You’ve got the stylish cafetière to make your coffee, now what to drink it from? How about these gorgeous espresso cups and saucers that are small in size but big in character: these drinkware pieces are styled in stunning colours of retro blue, pistachio, cream and cool grey with a matte finish.


And for the tea lovers…

A petite design, Barcelona is a ceramic teapot that is ideal for one person. Crafted for the modern tea-drinker, Barcelona is perfect for every kind of tea lover with its handy removable filter. This makes it ideal for both tea bags and loose leaf tea, from traditional English tea to fruity and herbal teas. Available in gorgeous colours with a stainless steel lid, you can have this little teapot in retro blue, pistachio, red and cool grey.