How To Use An Espresso Pot


How To Use An Espresso Pot

The La Cafetière Espresso Pot is a coffee maker which brews by passing boiling water, pressurised by steam, through ground coffee. This is done through three chambers in the espresso pot:

  1. A base which holds water and has a pressure valve.
  2. A middle component with a filter basket to hold the ground coffee.
  3. The main body where the brewed coffee is held.


Step 1

Disassemble the three chambers of your espresso pot.


Step 2

Fill the base of the pot with water, stopping just below the pressure valve.


Step 3

Insert the inner filter into the base and fill with finely ground coffee.


Step 4

Screw the main body of the espresso pot on tightly.


Step 5

Put the pot on a stovetop at a medium-high temperature and heat until the main body is full of coffee – the noise will change when ready. Carefully remove the pot from the heat.