How To Use A Cafetière


How To Use A Cafetière

A cafetière (also known as a French Press) can be used to brew coffee with a plunger made of fine mesh. Using coffee grounds and hot water, this method pushes the grounds down when the coffee is brewed and ready to pour. This traditional cafetière method is perfect for coffee enthusiasts as it enhances the immersion of flavours and oils from the coffee grounds into the blend.

You will need:

  • Hot water just off the boil
  • Coarse ground coffee
  • A La Cafetière French Press


Step 1

Included with your La Cafetière French Press is a coffee scoop. Remove the lid and plunger from your cafetière and add one heaped scoop of the ground coffee into the glass beaker for every normal-sized cup of coffee you want to make.


Step 2

Leaving a one inch gap at the top, fill the cafetière beaker with the hot water and stir gently.


Step 3

Keeping the plunger raised, replace the lid and let the blend brew for 3-5 minutes.


Step 4

With one hand holding the handle of the cafetière firmly, push down the plunger slowly.


Step 5

Pour and enjoy!