Our Top Five Christmas Dining Must-Haves


Our Top Five Christmas Dining Must-Haves

Gourmet Cheese Cheese Baker

Is there anything that gets diners more excited than delicious melted cheese with some warm and buttery crusty bread? An indulgent addition to the dining table for festive occasions, using a cheese baker couldn’t be more simple. Just remove the packaging from your brie or camembert and place in the cheese baker. Slash some cuts in the top of the cheese and add any seasoning you wish, then bake in the oven for 20 minutes until the cheese is gooey and bubbling. Gourmet Cheese offers cheese bakers with vintage designs and a real quality feel, being made of heavy ceramic.


Ciara White Wine Glasses

Nothing can add luxury to a table setting like a beautiful set of wine glasses. From our Ciara collection by Mikasa, these white wine glasses have exquisite and understated shaping to enhance the table ambience. Each glass is hand blown with elegant ripples delicately swirling around the base of the bowl and a long, slim stem is sturdy to survive festive celebrations. Champagne saucers and flutes plus red wine glasses are also available from Ciara for a complete entertaining collection.


Sabatier Maison Bamboo Serving Board

This large wooden board from the experts at Sabatier adds a natural touch to serving and sharing at the table. Perfect for serving tapas, breads, cheeses and varied spreads, a wooden board is a centrepiece for entertaining that guests can happily help themselves to. This design is crafted in carbonized bamboo for a quality gourmet appearance: the carbonization gives a durable dark rustic effect which is integral to the wood, meaning it won’t chip away with use. The board also features a space to fit a small dip bowl to serve hummus with your pita, cranberry with your cheese or any others sauces, chutneys or dips.

Creative Tops Gourmet Cheese Plates

These Gourmet Cheese plates are perfect for letting each of your guests serve themselves with delicious nibbles while you work on the main event! The vintage label designs will charm guests with ‘Made with the finest ingredients’ and ‘Preserving since 1946’ motifs to add an authentic quality to whatever is being served on them. 


La Cafetiere Edited Thermique Cafetiere

Style doesn’t have to end at dessert: for after-dinner coffee and chocolates the Thermique cafetière is a show-stopping choice. This stunning cafetière is styled in luxury brushed gold with minimalist shaping for an understated premium look. The Thermique is a double walled design which keeps coffee hot for longer than standard cafetières, meaning hosts can brew once then relax and enjoy long post-dinner conversations with guests without worrying about running in and out the kitchen. The Thermique is also available in a copper or silver finishes, as well as smaller sizes for smaller groups.