Colourful Candy Skewers


Colourful Candy Skewers

These candy skewers are filled with sweet things and are a fun activity for the kids or a great idea for parties. Taking inspiration from the eccentric factory filled with oversized lollipops, liquorice and gum balls in Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, our skewers pick sweets that are bright and colourful and that look and taste fantastic!


On our skewers we used:

Flying saucers
Jelly beans
Fruit pastilles
Rainbow drops
Liquorice Allsorts
Fizzy rainbow belts


Top tips:

  1. Carefully add one sweet at a time to the pointed end of the skewer and gently move it down the length, leaving enough room to hold at the bottom end.
  2. Mix up variety in sizes, shapes and colours of sweets for eye-catching skewers.
  3. Soft and larger sweets will be less likely to break or tear and are easier to use.
  4. Dampening the wood and wiping dry can help reduce sweets sticking as you move them along.

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