Flesh-Eating Caterpillar Broth


Flesh-Eating Caterpillar Broth

A simple and spooky concoction for Halloween! Beware the gummy caterpillars as they eat all your flesh and simply leave behind blueberry-stuffed lychee eyes! This easy drink can be done with any red juice and lemonade, topped with the fruits and yummy caterpillar sweets to garnish the glass. Grown ups, feel free to add a little spirit to this. 


You will need: 

500ml pomegranate juice
400ml cloudy lemonade
Caterpillar sweets


Make it: 

  1. Prepare your ‘eyes’ by stuffing the lychees with the blueberries
  2. Combine and mix together the pomegranate juice and cloudy lemonade
  3. Pour the mixture into glasses and add the stuffed lychees and caterpillar sweets to garnish