Built For Wine Lovers


Built For Wine Lovers

Attention wine lovers: this innovation from Built makes transporting wine anywhere an effortless task. The Built tote is a wonderful wine accessory, being a stylish alternative to a carrier bag and functional in its design.


The totes are made from neoprene: an unusual choice that is Built’s signature fabric for its products. Neoprene is generally known as the material used for wetsuits, which surfers and divers use to keep their bodies at an ideal temperature. In the same way, this handy tote will insulate wine for up to four hours. 

Built Wine Tote


Neoprene will also protect bottles against bumps and drops, as well as spills and splashes – keeping bottles pristine and presentable. The shape is tailored for a wine bottle for a secure fit while you travel, meaning the bottle won’t rattle around and risk being damaged. For handling comfort too, the totes also feature soft-grip handles.


A useful piece that is a perfect gift for wine lovers, the Built tote is an essential for keeping bottles safe when bringing them home from the supermarket, taking them to dinner parties or to picnics. Once it’s finished being used, the tote stores flat, making it an accessory that will be used again and again for its convenience.


The totes are available in one-bottle and two-bottle sizes, plus they are machine washable and stain resistant to keep them looking their best.


So all you have to worry about it is: red or white?