The BFG-Inspired Dream Jar


The BFG-Inspired Dream Jar

A great activity to try with the kids, the dream jar is a colourful and calming bedside decoration inspired by Roald Dahl’s The BFG.

You will need:

Approx. 900ml jam jar
Cotton wool
Paint (two colours)
Paintbrush (or something similar to work the paint into the cotton wool)
Glow sticks


Make it:

  1. Snap the glow sticks to make them glow then cut the ends with scissors. Empty the glowing contents into the jam jar. Replace the lid and shake the jar so the glowing liquid spatters around the sides.
  2. Add glitter to the jar, replace the lid and shake the jar again so glitter sticks to the glowing liquid.
  3. Fill half the jar with cotton wool and pat down carefully. Sprinkle in more glitter.
  4. Pour in one colour of paint and use the paintbrush to work the paint into the cotton. Add a generous amount of water to help the cotton absorb the paint.  
  5. Fill the top half of the jar with cotton wool and repeat the process: add glitter, then your next colour of paint and top off with water, using a paintbrush to work the colour into the cotton.
  6. Replace the jar lid and leave the paint to blend, giving a dreamy effect that is perfect for the bedside table!

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