A Pocketful of Kew


A Pocketful of Kew

A gift that is perfect for tea lovers and aspiring gardeners, the Pocket Garden sets from the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, will ignite the senses with fresh fruit and fragrant florals.

This product is a unique concept that combines favoured pastimes of gardening and tea drinking in an on-trend DIY format. The gift includes a fine china palace mug styled in the fruity Strawberry Fayre or fragrant Lavender design with coordinating seed packets to grow fresh lavender or wild strawberries. 

Strawberry Fayre is reminiscent of warm summers and indulging on ripe strawberries at country fairs on long summer days. Illustrations of strawberry plants and flowers are delicately woven across the mug, bursting with lush greens and rich reds.


The Lavender design captures the elegant intricacies and natural beauty of lavender in a design that evokes the calming aroma of this flower. Lavender uses tones of dusky teal and enchanting lilac with charming butterflies fluttering across the design. 

The simplicity of the Pocket Garden makes it a unique gift for all, not just exclusive to expert gardeners: the strawberry plant or lavender can be grown straight from the pouch by just adding water. The set is presented in a beautifully printed box, making it perfect for premium gifting. 

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